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The idea of starting Messy Masterpiece LLC started a couple years ago. I knew I wanted to bring a new form of entertainment to families. I drew inspiration from a family member who is interested in art, especially painting. I thought let's take canvas painting to the next level; let's make it more about letting your creativity shine and less about following the traditional art lessons and ideas of what art "should" look like; let's let loose and let's make a mess! Action painting gives people that creative outlet and has been described by many as therapeutic and as a stress reliever, all while engaging with each other.  

We offer several packages to accommodate everyone, both the young and the young at heart! Even better is that we bring it to you and take the mess home with us! Let Messy Masterpiece LLC make your next event memorable; whether it be a kids birthday party, Graduation party, girls night in, adult party, or team building event. Let us help you Make Memories...And A Mess!!         

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